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Thread: one goof then another makes for a bad day

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    one goof then another makes for a bad day

    Iíve had a not so pleasant day. It all started with having to get blood drawn. Iím not a big fan of needles.

    After the blood letting the wife wanted me to hang a piece of laminate counter top in the laundry for her to fold cloths on. I had to cut it down about 8 inches to fit the space. I grabbed a 4 foot clamping straight edge to use as a guide rail for the circular saw and put the counter on the outfeed table of my table saw to cut it. I made sure it was hanging over enough so I wouldnít cut the table saw. In my normal goofball fashion I forgot that the front guide rail for the saw extends about 5 or 6 inches past the table. YES, I proceeded to cut a nice curf into the front guide rail of my table saw. I pretty quickly realized what I was doing from the sound of the saw. When I swung the counter around to see how badly I had cut the rail the straight edge knocked a cherry nightstand Iíve been working on off my assembly table and broke it!

    I figured Mr. Murphy had enough laughs from me for the day so I turned and walked back into the house. Iíll see if the table is repairable tomorrow.

    On the bright side I didn't get hit with any flying carbide from cutting the rail.

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    John......Somedays are like that. You were smart to leave the shop when you did. When I was younger, I'd stayed there and worked through it.....Now days.....Go to the house...put on a pot of coffee and relax.....

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    I'm with you John. When things start to go like that, I pay attention to the message; "leave the shop in peace and return another time".
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
    - Arthur C. Clarke

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    I have days like that, I usually get the chainsaw out and cut firewood. Something about all that raw power and ripping into a piece of wood is soothing.

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    Ah yes, that message from above...............'Hello' "Are you Listing to ME"????? "Now Very Slowly lay everything down, turn off the Machines, turn out the lights, LOCK the Shop and go into the House". ..........."NOW"!!!

    Seems I've heard that message a time or three. (and I follow those instructions MUCH better in my old age)

    Glad you dodged the shrapnel, John.

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    Yup - that's the key trick. When frustration rears its ugly head - walk away. Go do something else.

    Maybe that's why I'm constantly surrounded by sixty-leven half-finished projects.

    -Kevin in Indy
    "Heroic? He fell off his bloody Aeroplane!"

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