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Thread: new yankee router table plans...............

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    new yankee router table plans...............

    has anyone ordered these plans and built this does it work, are the plans well laid out and easy to do you like it as your router table....thx................bob

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    I have the plans, but have not built it yet. They are easy to read and have a matrail list in the corner. They also have a cutlist for all stock, which will save lots of time and materail.

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    Yes just built it but didn't follow the plans exactly because I used a Jessem phenolic top. But the are well laid out and detailed.


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    Hi Bob,

    I made a near copy of the NYW improved router table and have been very happy with it. I didn't use the plans for purchase. I just looked at the measurements and made it of my own construction techniques. It reality, it's just a box with other boxes inside. I used birch 3/4" ply, dados and screws but, I did buy a 2" 3x4' sheet of Baltic Birch for the top (I wouldn't do that again, just make the top from 2 pieces of 3/4" ply).
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    I built a different one, but a word about the top. In my experience the "flat" sheet material really isn't. Close enough for most purposes, but for something like the top of a router table probably not. Make it as Chris said out of two pieces of 3/4" material, but do the glue-up on a surface that's as dead flat as you have available, making sure the clamping force is pushing everything against the flat surface. Also try to align the two pieces so that any cupping, etc, in them is opposed, to prevent any tendency to do that in their next life as siamese twins. It might take some extra time up front to do this, but you'll be happy with it for a long time. One other thing...I've had better luck using polyurethane glue (ie, Gorilla Glue) because of its long open time. It can take a few minutes to get everything lined up and poly glue lets you do that. Make it slightly oversize so you can square it up after the glue cures. Good luck.

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    thanks guys....................bob


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    And just to add something to the mix, Nahm's table is very similar to the one which is in "Woodworking with the Router" by Bill Hylton. WHich also has excellent techniques and jigs galore. only $22 at amazon...

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    I ordered the plans and generally used them. I made the table deeper based on the adjuster that I purchased 2 years earlier. I purchased a Rockler fence which mates with the adjuster.

    One caution do not cut your drawers until you have the carcus assembled. That way your drawers will be EXACTLY the correct width. I had to do so shimming on my.

    I also did a simpler dust collect thing which shows up in the pictures.

    All in all my router table is probably one of the best tools in my shop. I had NO idea how much it would improve my woodworking.

    One mistake I made was to put the mitre rail too far away from the router bit. Put it as close as you can given the router mounting.

    Click here to look at my pictures
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    Thanks for the link to your photos, Bartee. Great looking router table build.

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    Post Yankee Router Table

    I built a new Yankee router table .Plan was from Rockler along with a video. I used a JessEm router lifter for the table top. I had some old drafting tables that I cut and used for the carcass, and internal parts .Bartee Lamar was right, build the drawers last. I have had mine about 3 years, and itís a real helper.

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