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Thread: I have and Inca Joiner/Planer and Bandsaw for sale

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    I have and Inca Joiner/Planer and Bandsaw for sale

    I am selling my Inca joiner/planer combonation machine and an Inca 710 bandsaw. I have listed them on ebay because I have no idea what they are worth and think that market forces at work are a good thing. I started both auctions at only .99 cents with no reserve. This may be a chance to get a real steal of a deal. If you have any questions about them, please do not hesitate to email me.



    The like to the bandsaw is here:

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    You're lucky that didn't sell for 0.99! Or, to state it otherwise, you're lucky I didn't see this post until today . That definitely would have been worth the freight charge to TX!


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