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Thread: Segmented Vase

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    Segmented Vase

    I have seen a few segmented pieces lately, so I thought that I would add one that I finished yesterday. I designed it from scratch with "Segmented Project Planner" (no affiliation with company) While kind of challenging with the 3/8" rings, I learned numerous things to add to the mental knowledge base to make things easier on the next project!

    A vase consisting of 421 individual pieces of Yellowheart, Purpleheart, and Bloodwood. 10" tall and 6.5" across. Finished with Waterlox Original.

    While still working on the segmented skills, if you have any negative comments about the shape of the vase, please let me know. I am just designing what I think looks good, but since I am not buying it, I need other people's honest opinions! Thank you for looking.
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    Beautiful shape and gorgeous design ring. Finish looks nice too.

    I kind of find something missing though when my eyes move up towards the mouth. Maybe something with veneers or a smaller design ring on the upper part of the neck would have made it more complete. That is just my humble opinion and it does not take anything away from this display of beautiful craftsmanship.

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    Beautiful piece. Form and finish look great.
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    Great results after alot of effort.
    Good color choice.
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    Excellent piece, Robert. Many segmented pieces have a "boxy" form that I'm not fond of, but the curves on this one flow very nicely in my opinion. You nailed the form. I'd have to agree with Mohammad that some additional item of interest might be nice in the neck to add a little visual balance, but don't know enough to offer specific suggestions. All in all, great job. Please show us more as you get them done.
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    Beautifully done, Robert!
    Is that the first segmented work you've done? You are to be congratulated regardless of how many you have done.

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    Wow! Coming from my small "segment" of the flat world, who has not done any turning, that piece almost wants me to open a space in my shop for turning------Almost beautiful work


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    Robert, I admire your skills, your design of the pattern is wonderful, as well as the shape of the vase. What kind of saw are you using for your segments?
    Great job !!

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    Very nice piece Robert!
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    Beautiful vase, Robert. Nice design.

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