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Thread: Hello & Introduction

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    Hello & Introduction

    Thanks for having me. I guess I'm a long time lurker but I'm sure glad I found you guys. Allow me to introduce myself.

    My name is Norb and I've been a hobbiest woodworker for about 8 years. Of course, we've had three children (B8, G5 & B3) and a major illness during that time period, so please be lenient on what I've accomplished so far. As a professional - I drive a desk as a commercial lender. In my free time, we enjoy camping, I like to bike, and of course, yard work and spending time with the family.

    As far as woodworking goes, I'm mostly self taught. I started with a Jet contractor's saw and a router, and have been building my tool collection ever since. After going to Kelly Mehler's school last year (2005) to build a blanket chest, I've been overhauling the shop - not only making it more work friendly with benches and organization (and walls for that matter), but I've added some new machinery as well. Yes - I went combo and was fortunate enough to meet another FW member through the process. Its taken me a long time to get the shop together (almost 8 months) but I'm back in business now.

    I went back to Kelly's this year to learn to build a chest of drawers. I'm now finishing up the drawers and will then focus on the apron and back. Casework is a lot of work.

    My favorite styles (currently) are Arts & Crafts and Shaker, but I really appreciate all styles from the Modern to Period.

    As I've come to learn - nothing is true unless you see the pics - so I'll try attaching some.

    - Norb
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    Very nice shop set up you've got there Norb. Welcome and thanks for the pics.
    Thanks, Mark.

    Custom Bonehead.

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    Hi Norb!

    All I can say when looking at your shop is WOW!!!

    Also, BOY do you have a lot of empty wall space!!

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    Welcome aboard, Norb. Nice setup for sure. No need to worry about folks here going easy on you for being (what you call) a beginner. Seems most of the experienced woodworkers tend to enjoy helping those of us who are still starting out. And we've got several MM owners here who will surely want to talk shop with you. Don't be shy about jumping into the conversations or asking questions.
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    Hi Norb,

    That is some nice shop to have put together in the last eight years while having three children and a major illness during that time. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your chest of drawers that you are working on.

    Welcome to the forum!

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    hi norb! another mm tod
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    Welcome! That is quite a shop.

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    OOOO cool toys. Hello Norb, welcome to the forum.

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