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Thread: Bosch 1/16 slotting cutter Router Bit at Lowes for $0.80

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    Bosch 1/16 slotting cutter Router Bit at Lowes for $0.80

    I stopped by Lowes today in Austin, TX to look for that great sliding miter deal. Anyway, when I was walking around I saw the Bosch 1/16 slotting cutter router bit for only 80 cents, normally ~12 bucks (Model #85526MC). I got the last one, but I stopped by another Lowes on my way home and they had the same thing for about 3 bucks each. So, this deal is somewhat regional, but I figure for that price it might be worth the look!

    Lowe's Link

    Oh, and this is my first post. I'm just getting into woodworking and love lurking these forums! Hopefully I'll start posting actual useful things in the near future. So hi everyone!

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    Jeff, thanks for the heads up on the cutter, and welcome to the Family! Hope you find a good price on the saw! Jim.
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    Thanks for the tip. Lurk no more.

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    Always great to have a first post be a tip, a bargain or a gloat. Welcome. Pssst, hey gang, he even posted the link and everything, cool.
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    Hi there Jeff!

    Welcome to the Family!


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