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Thread: Link Belts - Half Off at Amazon

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    Link Belts - Half Off at Amazon

    Through Grizzly but, they are Power Twist Plus by Fenner. Just to make it more interesting they are sold through Amazon: I just picked up 2 for what I recently paid for 1.
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    Thanks for the heads up. They also have good prices on the 3/8" width belts I was wanting for my drill press, so I got two.

    Then during checkout, I couldn't resist this docking station for my portable XM radio:

    $10.20 marked down from $99.95. I can't even buy a new charger for ten bucks, and this one charges and has powered speakers.
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    My Powertwist saved my Cman contractor saw from being sold. Once I put that link belt on it was the most quiet, non vibrating saw. Those link belts sure do make a world of difference.
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