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Thread: Pipers Place to hide

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    Pipers Place to hide

    I built this shop over the last year when my wonderful wife told me that I could have this space for my very own when we moved to our new home. This is a third garage that was an after thought when the original owner built the place about ten years ago. Thus I have a complete seperate room for my shop divived by a brick wall. The brick wall allows me to start work earlier on the weekends with out bothering my wife. Also great for keeping dust out of the house. Keeps me out of throuble. The space is 10X20 small but ok for a hobiest. Small forces me to keep it clean and organized or I wouldn't be able to find a thing, not that I remember were I put it to start with. This shop was supposed to be all mine but I now share it with our two children both K9. They are great company but I find myself looking for some of my wood parts and tools out in the yard from time to time. Still who could ask for more loyal work mates. I did not include a diagram because what you see is what you get.
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    Wow. That really looks like a great space. You've done a good job making a small space do big work. Well done! love the floor!
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    Welcome, David. What a sparkling clean floor... are those rubber tiles?

    Also, I have to ask... No Tablesaw

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    I wondered the same. I think it's on a foldable mobile cart (right side of last picture).

    Great job with the use of a small space. But I didn't see any sawdust...



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    no the tiles are a commercial tile I then used a poured epoxy coating on top of the tiles it makes it very easy to clean up. With the big garage door a leaf blower works great to help keep the place cleaned out. Those pictures were taken right after I finished it. I wish it looked like that now. The folded cart is my ridgid contractors table saw
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    Welcome David, nice little shop.

    Mine is a tab larger, but you got me beat on the access issue

    How do you like the Ridgid saw?

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    Hey David! Welcome. Great looking shop. Is that Piper in your avatar? Looks like a young setter.

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    Welcome to the clubhouse, David. Looks like you've set up a nice place to play. Well organized, and I think you have more open floor space than a lot of us. I know you have me beat, and I have a 2-car garage for my shop. I've got (and really like) the cousin to your tablesaw...the TS3650.
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    Another small shop...I love it. For awhile there it looked like this place was going to be over-run by the turners, but I think the small shop owners on here are catching up.

    I say that because I have a small shop too. I bit bigger then yours at 14 x 24, but not by much. Good use of space too I might add. I am also like you in that I am a die hard clean freak...small shops force you to be.

    My only question is, how do you like the peg board? I am seriously considering put some upon my walls soon.
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    Hi David!
    Welcome to the Family.

    I love the wood on the walls. Makes for a homey place to work. I have a tall shelf similar to the one you have your Mini Lathe on. I use it mostly for my cordless tools and chargers.
    I too like that floor!


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