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Thread: Rough stuff

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    Rough stuff

    Most of the wood that I use is found i.e. it's free, and some is really rough stuff. I am interested in what you think of this sort of thing as often it isn't that popular over here. Personally I love the contrast between the rough and smooth but tastes vary. Be interested to know what you think

    Comments welcome


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    Pete, I like them a lot. I have been collecting odd shape natural edge pieces (mostly burls) to do exactly what you have done, but have not had the time (or the nerve) to spin them yet. I keep staring at them trying to decide how to turn them and which edges to save.

    Keep posting. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Tony, BCE '75

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    You have made some very artistic pieces there. And, I commend your courage in turning them. Keeping your knuckles out of harms way must have turned into an athletic event at times.

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    Pete I like'em. I like the contrasts of the woods and the rough wings. I have the same problem as they don't sell well and don't seem to have the charm as do bowls, vases, etc. for some reason. They are just not popular here either.
    Bernie W.

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    Pete...I like them....I haven't had the opportunity to turn any yet but have some in my possesion.

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    Pete, I love the contrast in the pieces. The difference in texture and finish make them more interesting to me...don't stop making them if you enjoy them. It only takes one other person to like it to sell.
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    Very artsy stuff there, Pete. I like!

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    Pete, I guess I am with the majority here. I like the pieces alot. Good work.

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    Pete - count me in with those who like your turnings! Real artsy stuff - I would think there has to be a market for them! Best of luck with your sales! I would like to see some more of your turnings!

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    I like them also

    Looks good from this side of the pond Pete. You've done a nice job taking the odd lump of wood and "turning" it into a lovely work of art. Keep up the good work. There may be more of a market for these than you think.
    Don Orr

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