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Thread: More spinny stuff.........

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    More spinny stuff.........

    Here's a few more I recently finished.

    Walnut vase, 6" x 4", finished with Antique oil and buffed. My 2nd attempt at a HF, I roughed it too thin at the lip and the hole kept getting bigger as I got it round.....

    Box Elder wingy dingy thingy......12" long x 1 1/2" tall. Bowl is about 8". Finished with sanding sealer.....and buffed.

    and an oak limb burl.....about 7" x 4 "......left thick to preserve the bark. Finished with Minwax wipe-on poly and buffed.

    Any and all comments/critiques welcome.
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    Wonderful as always, Barry. Almost impossible to choose which I like best, but I think it has to be the Walnut Vase!


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    As I said those are beauties buddy. I do like the walnut vase but what is not to like about walnut.
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    Walnut has got to be one of my favourite woods. If you hadn't said anything about the vase I wouldn't have known that you had planned it differently. I do like the bowl however, my type of thing.

    What is 'miniwax' not heard of that one over here


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    They all look good Barry, but I vote for the walnut vase as my favorite.

    Pete, Minwax is a brand name of popular and widely-available wood finishes here in the US. Here's a link:
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