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Thread: Second Birdseye on Pedestal, Please Comment

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    Second Birdseye on Pedestal, Please Comment

    I really appreciate everyone's comments on the first Birdseye and since I am allowed up to 6 entries to the local Art Exhibition this June, I am once again asking for everyone’s critique and/or comments. Taking the vast majority of comments of the first version into consideration, this second one is different; overall darker in color, a different center of balance and is slightly taller than the first piece.

    The hollow form is out of curly birdseye maple (endgrain) and is 4 ˝” diameter x 2 7/8” high. It was stained with Watco Light Walnut Danish Oil to really make the birdseye pop. The pedestal and finial are out of cherry and have been stained with Varathane ‘Espresso’ Wood Stain to dramatically darken the grain. Everything has been sanded to 400 grit and at this time has no other finishes applied. The height of the piece with finial in place is 13”.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Second Birdseye.JPG 
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    Also, I once again ask for name suggestions.

    I appreciate your input!

    Thanks for looking!

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    Steve that is beautiful. Like I said the only thing if were me is I would have made the pedestal shorter. Just my preference though. I like how you used a little stain to darken the cherry and pop the birdseye. Well done.
    Bernie W.

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    Absolutely stunning, Steve. I must, however, agree with Bernie. The pedestal is tall enough to make it appear - to my untrained eye - a bit out of balance.
    But I still think it's beautiful.

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    To my completely untrained eye, it looks unstable and fragile. That being said, the piece is extraordinary in shape and beauty. Your proportions seem right, but perhaps the gentlemen are correct in that it seems to have too much "stem".

    For a name, Birds Nest came to my mind when looking at it. Like the type of birds that build nests in really dangerous outcrops that look like they'll fall right out!
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    I preferred the first one but couldn't say why so I put them side by side.
    First one seems simpler and more in proportion. Second definitely looks top heavy in comparison IMHO

    Hope this helps to see the difference

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    First one's hollow form had a more pleasing shape and I think its finial was much more beautiful.

    Second one's stand has a better flow but it does look longer for the overall piece.

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    Another awesome piece, Steve. I also think the pedestal looks a bit long or leggy to my eye, but because of the length and thinness of the pedestal shaft, the piece has a certain "that's amazing" quality to it as well. The finial and pedestal forms are nice and complimentary to the vessel, although I think I'd prefer to see the bigger bulb on the pedestal instead of the finial. It might help to lower the visual center of gravity a bit. (As usual, these are personal opinions to be taken with whatever size block of salt you feel is appropriate.)

    I still have a ways to go before I can make finials or pedestals that come close to yours. Great job.
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    Steve my friend,

    You just keep getting better and better!

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    Another beautiful piece! You've certainly achieved the delicacy you were shooting for.

    I'd almost prefer to see it without the base. The finial seems much heavier than the base which makes it appear out-of-balance.
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    Hi Steve ,
    A very delicate piece. What do you think about the shape/proportions/balance/color contrast/continuity, etc?
    Your ability to do fine woodworking is unquestioned!
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