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    Exclamation Earthquake

    We just had a little shaker her in southern Idaho - actually, it was a 6.3 centered near Elko, NV. We rolled softly for about 15 seconds. Very weird feeling. Don't envy you guys in SoCal or Tokyo!

    I did a quick search of the member list, could not find anyone in the effected area.

    UPDATE - Significant damage reported in Elko. Most communications are down.

    Earthquake Details

    Location41.076N, 114.771WDepth10 km (6.2 miles) set by location programRegionNEVADADistances
    • 17 km (11 miles) ESE (103) from Wells, NV 32 km (20 miles) NNW (343) from Spruce, NV 39 km (24 miles) S (183) from Wilkins, NV 70 km (43 miles) WNW (303) from West Wendover, NV
    • 244 km (152 miles) W (279) from Salt Lake City, UT
    Location Uncertaintyhorizontal +/- 3.6 km (2.2 miles); depth fixed by location programParametersNST=143, Nph=143, Dmin=53.9 km, Rmss=1.45 sec, Gp= 22,
    M-type=body magnitude (Mb), Version=7Source
    Event IDus2008nsa9
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    Quakes can be scary. We live in the 'moderate damage' zone of the New Madrid fault that had a super quake in 1812. Made the Mississippi River run backwards for a while formed a big lake. Scientists say it will happen again.
    Glad you are well.

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    I have felt two or three here in N. Alabama in my lifetime. Nothing Vaughn or Stu would even notice. Well maybe notice but they wouldn't even slow down or comment on it. But yes it is a very weird feeling for sure!!
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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Yeah, a 6.3 will get your attention if you're standing on it. The SoCal, Northridge quake in January of '94 was a 6.7. Even to us jaded Californians, it was no joke. Injured 9000 people, killed 72 and did $25 billion in damages.
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    Same thing here in Maine. I remember one as a kid, then one here last year. I thought it was a logging truck going past my house, but no it was an earthquake. I think it was 4.2 on the Richter scale or dislodged a rock on the road going up to Cadillac mountain, but that was it.

    I just did a bit of poking on the internet and it seems our last earthquake was on 01-25-08 at 1.7...not even enough to feel. Most are like that in Maine. Its kind of funny because out on Sears Island they wanted to put a nuclear power plant, but it was not allowed because it was on a earth quake fault line...

    The biggest earthquake we had since 1997 has been that 4.2.... I'll let you guys out in Southern Cal take anything that's bigger.
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    Reports are still coming in - sounds like Elko suffered some real damage - several buildings determined unsafe to enter - schools and truck stop closed, one older building collapsed........
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    I'm not surprised Elko had some damage. Like Glenn said, 6.2 is nothing to sneeze at. Glad you came out OK.
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    We had one in Minnesota in 1975. Kind of freaky since Minnesota is mainly dirt covered granite. All of a sudden a bottle fell off a shelf. Didn't know until the news came on that there had been a quake.

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    They showed pictures of Wells, Nevada on the evening news. Wells is where a lot of the houses of ill repute are. So there's always a little shaking going on there. Looks like it shook things up pretty good. There were some surveillence cameras in a grocery store that caught the food flying off the shelves. They had a 4.9 aftershock this afternoon. They said only 3 were injured, none seriously. I live within about 3 miles of the Wasatch fault here in Utah. Someday we'll get a good one.
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    Yep, that is no small quake.

    We do a lot of turf surfing here, but something that that is no fun at all.

    I know we are over due for a big one here in Tokyo, We have prepared for it best we can, but.............
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