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Thread: Engineering question ?

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    Engineering question ?

    How much does a house weigh?

    Answer: More than a rural two lane bridge can hold.

    Some one is going to have some explaining to do!
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    great picture.
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    I think that house's property value just went up. I can see the sales sheet for it now....

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    DOH!!! Looks like someone's insurance company just bought a house.

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    That can't be good! I sure hope the movers had a good insurance policy! Pics are great though.

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    Just knock out the end walls and the interior walls of the house and you will have a nice covered bridge. Problem solved.

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    Hmm. Reminds me of Falling Water. Though I think Frank Lloyd Wright might have used more concrete!
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    Explaining is right. Wadda mess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennie Heuer View Post
    Hmm. Reminds me of Falling Water. Though I think Frank Lloyd Wright might have used more concrete!
    I don't think so. When Frank Lyold Wright built Falling water, he cantilevered one section of the home out over the stream. The workers at the time told him he needed to reinforce it but FLW got belligerent and started screaming that he was the great American architect and he knew what he was doing.

    Back in the 1990's when Falling Water was restored, they added supporting structure to this area as it had dropped considerably with visitors being barred from standing on this cantilevered section.

    One of the hardest lessons in life is to learn to listen to other people...especially the people of the construction trades...they know what they are doing because they do it every day.

    As for the house, apparently the movers never heard of the national bridge load standards huh?
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    House for sale....scenic view......attached two boat boathouse with booms.....

    Awww.......somebody's gonna hear about this!

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