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Thread: Rockwell table saw - worth it?

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    Rockwell table saw - worth it?

    Hi there. I've always wanted to get into woodworking and I'm finally at a stage where I can start. So, I've been scouring craigs list for the past few weeks and I came across this. It is an old Rockwell 10" table saw, and the owner is selling it for 75 bucks. I've asked if it works, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet.

    I've done some research and I know that Rockwell is now Delta, but I don't know much about the quality of their old tools.

    So, my question to you is this. Can you ID this saw and tell me if it is decent? I'm willing to do work on it and at $75 it seems like it would be a good price even if it required a lot of work. I'd really appreciate any help or advice. Thanks!

    -=Jeff Bergman

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    HI Jeff and welcome to the site! That probably wouldn't be a bad saw. There's a lot worse available new! Depending on the condition, it may be the only TS you need. Without knowing what kind of motor it has it is difficult to speculate what it is capable of. One thing to consider though is if you do get it and decide it isn't suitable for you, you can probably relist it and sell for what you put into it.

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    Thanks for the info. I guess I should keep checking. Right now there's a BT3000 for $150 and another intriguing saw with a JET fence that I might ask about listed for $200 (shown below, which also has no info). It's just hard to be patient even though I don't need one immediately!!

    And what is it with people posting adds without including any info, not even the brand!

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    Jeff, I believe that's an older Jet saw. They used to be that color before they went to the white scheme.

    And I agree with you about non-descriptive ads.
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    The Jet might be the better deal here. Never seen one of the Rockwells. The key though it the fence any good? Fence is the most or close to most important part. That looks like the tube/rails used on a Unisaw. So if that is old JetLock fence it can be made to work pretty good.

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    One other thing not mentioned, Jeff, is that you want to make sure it is a "Contractor Type Saw", (the ones with Pulleys and belts), NOT one of those cheap "Direct Drive" Saws that have a flexible drive cable from the motor to the arbor, as that type is VERY undesirable, and are much harder to get rid of when you want to upgrade. I can't tell from that picture which type it is. Jeff is sure correct about the importance of the Fence being solid, or your cuts will be inaccurate and so frustrating that you will want to give up woodworking.

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    That Rockwell saw is a plastic bench top model - direct drive - made for job site rough carpentry work.
    The Jet is a much better piece of equipment if it will be living in a shop. In addition to the fence (in a different league than the Rockwell you're looking at), it's got a cast iron top, a capacitor start induction motor (much quieter and more powerful - also easy to replace down the road if it ever fails you), a better miter gage, and deeper cut capacity.
    If you plan on any sort of precision work, the Rockwell may become frustrating for you. The downsides to the Jet are that it takes up a larger footprint and is not as portable. The downsides to the Rockwell are lack of power, poor quality fence, lack of accuracy, noise, shallower cut, lack of weight (dampens vibration and stabilizes saw when cutting sheet goods or large pieces).
    The Rockwell should be fine for rough carpentry work, and it's lightness is a benfit if you'll be moving it around constantly. The Jet is a much more versatile, stabile work horse, more suited to a shop or occassional relocation. By the way, that's a really good price on the Jet. You'd have no problem getting your money back out if you ever decided to sell it.
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