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Thread: OT- Small Origami Cranes

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    OT- Small Origami Cranes

    Well, this is not exactly woodworking, but it is rather creative, I think.........

    My youngest daughter, Mizuki, has been doing a fair bit of Origami, she seems to have a talent for it

    She showed me these.........

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	small_crane.JPG 
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Name:	small_cranes.JPG 
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    ........yep, that is a real US quarter sitting there with them little cranes on them.

    I was really impressed, so she showed me how she makes them, uses only her hands, no toothpick etc.

    As I said, I know it is not woodworking, but it impressed the heck out of me

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    Tell Mizuki what a great job she did on the cranes! Such an amazing attention to detail.


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    Thanks Denise, I will!
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
    William Arthur Ward

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    I just found out you can download, print off and make Oragami stuff via the Microsoft Publisher that most computers come bundled with.

    Just click on START at the bottom of your screen
    Click on All Programs
    Search for Microsoft Publisher (on most computers made after 1997)
    It takes a second but it pops up
    Then scroll down through the drop down box on the left side of the screen
    At the very bottom is Origami click on that
    Chose from a Cup, Crane, Parrot or Boat

    As a side note, making the paper airplanes found just above the Origami ones is fun. Flying one into the spouses head while she watches TV generates a few laughs too and a trip to the doghouse
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    Quote Originally Posted by Travis Johnson View Post
    ... Search for Microsoft Publisher (on most computers made after 1997)...
    Umm...not really. Publisher is a program that might have been bundled with others included by the manufacturers of most of the computers you've run across since 1997, but it's not on most computers.

    Still, it's a cool suggestion for those who do have the program.
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    Very neat. Those are really tiny. It would take young eyes to do that.

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    Hi Stu ,
    Marvelous, wonderful, continue to encourage Mizuki. It is a wonderful art form that stands by itself.

    They are beautiful and would be easy to ship if sold for "BIG BUCKS"! Be careful though, you don't want her getting to the place where she is doing it for the money rather than the fun.

    Consider this Stu........turn something , add some little nooks, perch or shelf, throw in some gold leaf to the nook and add bird! That way you could sub contract work from Mizuki, pay her, send 1099 tax form to her for money received, and deduct from your payroll what you would have already given her (just cause you are her daddy and daughters need money) and so......Start a family business with tax advantages too.
    Too much java??
    They are worthy of praise!
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    Talent runs in the family.

    That is intricate work. In the future, I am sure she can carry such talent over to other woodworking.

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    Those are wonderful. It's fun to make things with your hands, isn't it?

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    Wow, those are beautiful! I have a pair of origami earrings, so detailed and delicate. Tell her I think her work is lovely. Must have tiny, tiny fingers and good eyes.

    As for topic... Paper is made from trees, so I'd say it could sort of, kinda, maybe, possibly be closely related to, but not quite the same as, woodworking.

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