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Thread: 2nd Pen THANKS to Stu

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    2nd Pen THANKS to Stu

    This is the second pen I have made. I know it is nothing extra ordinary except the wood I use to make it with. This wood is from a 60 year old Sakura tree that was in Japan. The blank was sent to me along with two others, one from a 80 year old Red Keyaki tree and the other a 120 year old Blue Keyaki tree. They were sent to me from Stu Ablett, many many months ago. One of the nicest things I can remember. I didn't even know Mr. Ablett other than we frequented the same forum back than. Yes and thanks to John Hart who was his partner in crime (Stu's words).

    Anyway, I will use the other blanks when I get more proficient at this pen turning business.

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    You're right, Paul, Stu is a generous guy. I got a real nice pen from him during a recent pen swap and he included three pen blanks with it.
    I like the job you did on your pen; looks real nice!

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    Welcome to the forum Paul, and that's a nice job on the pen. If that's just the second one you've made, it looks like you're off to a great start.

    And you're right...Stu is one of the finest Canapanese/Japanadian guys you could hope to meet.
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    Fine looking Euro.

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    Welcome Paul. Great looking pen. Yep Stu is alright. I am still using the pen from the wood he sent me.
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    Hey Paul!

    Thanks for the kind words, I just wanted to help out some of you guys over there who helped me out with my first turning stuff, and I'm glad that you like the wood and made such a nice pen out of it. Thanks also to John Hart, who was my partner in the whole deal. I sent a big box of wood to him, and he divided the box up into lots and sent those out to all the spinny guys he thought would get use out of them, at the time, I was really new to turning and to SMC, and I did not know who to send the stuff to, John Hart did that, on his own dime as well.

    I've been helped out by countless other members from this and many online forums, heck, my DVR was sold to me by a forum member, and another forum member helped me set up the shipping for that, also the filters on my cyclone, my first chuck for my old C-man lathe, clamps, routers and sanders, heck the list is long, and that is the help I got in shipping stuff. The help I got from everyone with ideas and such is even greater.

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    Very nice pen..

    Neat story all around!.


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