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Thread: Can Anyone Tell Me How I Can Contact Sam Blasco

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    Can Anyone Tell Me How I Can Contact Sam Blasco

    Since Mr. Blasco no longer works for Mini Max it is imperative that I contact him. I am having a major problem with the new MM20 bandsaw I purchased from him and need his assistance. Will anybody that has his e-mail or new phone number since he moved please PM me so I can contact him. Thanks for any help.

    James Jones
    Huntsville, TX.

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    James, have you tried sending Sam a Private Message here on the forum? He checks in fairly often and should see it pretty soon.
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    Sam still works for MiniMax. Call the MiniMax office.

    He has moved his shop (to a nearby town, the showroom is no longer just Sam's equipment), but he is still on the sales staff. But if you are having a problem with a saw, Tim is the service manager, and may also be able to help you - Tim is really good.
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    Thanks Charlie. I spoke with James and updated him. Hopefully, he'll get taken care of.
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    Problem Solved with MM20 Saw Switch

    I talked to Sam and the best thing he told me was that he is still with Mini Max. Boy I was worried after being told he just consulted for them. The second thing is that Sam referred me to Tim, the technical guy and Tim explained what to do to get the on/off switch working again. I had to repeat the procedure several times but the switch now works better than it did before. I want to thank all who responded to my post and especially to Tim and Sam for the help. The people and customer service at MM is superb. Again thanks for the help. A happy MM20 owner.

    Huntsville, TX.

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