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Thread: Shallow Redwood Bowl

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    Shallow Redwood Bowl

    This shallow bowl/platter is a piece of old growth redwood, about 12 1/2" diameter by 1 1/2" tall. The pics don't really do the curl in the wood justice. The wood was very dry and wanted to break out in chunks, so it was hard to get a clean cut in it. It also started out about 14 or 15 inches in diameter, but the edge kept fraying. In the end, the 80 grit gouge saved the day on the last few tough spots. The finish is once again Antique Oil followed by lacquer, buffed on the three wheel system.

    Attachment 18164 Attachment 18165 Attachment 18166 Attachment 18167 Attachment 18168

    Comments and snickering are welcome.
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    Boy is that one worth the effort, WOW just does not cover it
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    That's beautiful, Vaughn. I had no idea Redwood could have curly figure like that. Gorgeous.

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    Yep Vaughn, that's the way to turn such a gorgeous platter/shallow bowl.
    Very surprising wood, the right choice for this platter/shallow bowl.


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    Vaughn - looks like you captured the very best that piece of old-growth had to offer! Love the color and all that curl! Beautiful bowl - thanks for posting!

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    That is very nice Vaughn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    The pics don't really do the curl in the wood justice.
    Vaughn, I don't believe you...please send it to me and I will verify this for all the members here. That wood has some outstanding flare to it.

    Well Done!
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    Beautiful, Vaughn!
    You keep raising the WOW Factor higher and higher.

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    I like it, Vaughn, but I have a question. What's the difference between a shallow bowl and a platter? The first thing I thought when I saw it was platter.
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    You do nice work! It would seem blasphemous to put potato chips in that bowl!
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