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Thread: Segmented Vase

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    Segmented Vase

    Hi, I just finished this one today. 11" tall and 7" wide. 385 pieces of purpleheart and yellowheart. Finished with Waterlox Original. Please let me know the positives, but especially any negatives in the shape. I am designing these myself on the computer and sometimes they come out the way I envision them and sometimes they don't! Thanks for looking........
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    Hi Robert ,
    Man o man that is alot of work just getting to the place to turn something! To your credit, you have a beautiful piece here. I like the mix of the colors, and the shape is nice.

    With the pattern you are using I am reminded of native american indian pottery. Exciting as your turning is, you have a different material (other than ceramic) and the pattern reminds me of the pottery with the design painted on. As lovely as it is now, and to many I am sure there would be no move to change anything, you asked.

    My suggestions are merely mine, one individual, whose advice you should not take unless you were firmly convinced of your own chosing that what I imply, or anyone else, makes sense. No offense if you totally disagree!

    That said, were it mine I would try to physically alter the shape so as too show that the yellow heart's beauty was in fact more than skin deep.
    That is probably enough said by me for now. It is, as is, a lovely vase.
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    Robert, this is a beautiful piece.

    I remember you made a similar shaped segmented bowl some time ago and my only critique was that it needed some design or different wood on the top part. Visually, this bowl is definitely more balanced.

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    Great vase, Robert. You used two of my favorite woods. It's hard to find any negatives about it. If I really squint my brain here are a couple points to consider. As always, this is just one guy's opinion, and is meant in no way to lessen your beautiful piece:

    The curve of the body seems to flatten out a bit as it approaches the neck. This may be an optical illusion in the picture, but it looks like it could be a tiny bit more concave about 2/3 of the way up from the bottom.

    The rim around the mouth looks just a tweak thick to my eye. I think it might look a bit better if it was slightly thinner. Also, the transition from the neck to the rim looks a little abrupt in the photos. I think a bit smoother curve here would help.

    Again, take these suggestions with a big ol' grain of salt. This is a wonderful piece of work.
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    Robert, a wonderful vase.
    I know how difficult it is to fulfil such a project, and I really admire your work.

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