Hi Guys.

I've been a bit disconnected for a while but that doesn't mean that I haven't been checking what you were doing/saying, and that I haven't been woodworking.

A friend of mine who owns more than 200 earrings, asked me if I could make her a show case for them, because she likes them to be exposed all at a time and in this way she can choose at a glance which ones she's going to wear that day or on that special ocasion.

She wanted them to be all togheter and not to bother opening different doors or showcase until she foud which ones she wanted.

She agreed to pay for the materials so I can consider that my first non paid comission, as the initiative of making it didn't come from my side.

Well here are the pics, they are quite crude and bad, I apologize. One of the things I've learnt is that I've should have taken the pics before putting the glass on the door, in this way I would have avoided those nasty reflections.

As the design is quite simple, ( she wanted just a box with a glass door) I've tried to give some interest to the piece by making it asymetrical, and at the same time get some fun at doing it otherwise I wouldn't have made it.

I was lucky that the board of hard maple I had was a bit spalted, and I tried to use that stain to give the frame some more atractiveness. Krenov's influence for sure! and having discovered the work of Greene & Greene thanks to a comment from Glenn Bradley, I tried to incorporate some of those treats in the piece as well, hence the rounded corners and edges on the joints.

The door sides overhang the case on the top right side and on the bottom left to give more interest as well, and there is no handle, only a round recess on the right hand side to grab with the tips of your fingers to open it.

The saws were put there only for picture purposes, the interior of the case is a sheet of cork upholstered with black velvet.

Sorry no pics of the process

Thanks for looking.