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    Angry Belt Sanders

    In previous thread posted purchased one of these....and the motor mount wasn't alowing the sander paper to make full I took it back

    and traded for one of these

    Ended up taking that back......the dust collector at the back wants to ride the wood. Even this picture almost shows how close it is too the wood. The bag keep coming off about every third pass.

    Called the company direct and told them Manufactor design flaw. Cant believe I did that.

    Would have got a Mikita but in a hurry and Lowes dont carry them, so I took in-store credit and got this. The dust collector is mounted at the top..wont have a reason for taking that back. (I hope)

    How is your day going??
    Mine is....
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    Don't forget the sanding shoe.

    Works good lasts long time.....

    Porter-Cable 48119 Graphite Impregnated Sanding Shoe

    Technical Details
    Replaces steel shoe
    Reduces heat and friction
    Reduces burning and gouging problems
    Fits all 4" by 24" Porter-Cable belt sanders
    One year warranty/30 day performance certification

    Product Description
    From the Manufacturer

    Prolong sanding belt life and improve sanding performance with this graphite impregnated sanding shoe. Replace the standard steel shoe with this flexible, self-lubricating shoe to keep belts cooler for longer life. Also eliminates burning problems when sanding hard materials like hardwoods, solid surface materials, metals, and more. Fits all Porter-Cable 4-by-24-inch belt sanders.

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    Wise choice. We used PC in our school shops andhad no failures (aside from brushes wearing out and the trigger gets abused) Change brushes often and clean the trigger often as well. At home I have a Craftsman from 1978 that has been abused, tossed, loaned out, fell off truck broke nose shield off, left out in the rain and still performs fine. At one time I figured if I distroyed this thing I could buy a PC but of late I've grown fond of the old guy.

    Anymore I think it is the designers who are trying to make a "Futuristic, or agressive, Manly, spaceage design rather than a R&D that actually tries out the prototype. Used to be a load of trial & error to come up with a good design, now it is done with a computer and simulated trials. (that don't work)
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    Bob - you can't go wrong with the PC. Mine is 12 years old and as strong as the day I bought it. Two years ago I thought I might kill it when I sanded of 40 years of varnish and crud from 15 11' long whicte oak pews - every square inch! My PC belt never even coughed. It's a solid machine.
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