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Thread: woodworkers/harley owners?

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    woodworkers/harley owners?

    Hi friends, New member to this forum and am happy I found this forum.
    Here is a project I completed a few years ago after laying a 72 shovelhead down in a thunderstorm and ending up with a broken hip. This is a 1/2 scale model of my pride and joy, a 1965 Harley panhead. 90% of it is scrap wood, I had to buy the redwood and holly. It has 23 species of wood including some small exotic peices from other countries. Even took some out of the back yard. It has 17 moveable parts including shocks, wheels, even the rear chain is moveable each link held together with toothpics. Even had to build a trueing stand to true up the tires. Any comments are welcome.
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    WOW... talk about a labor of love!! Beautiful. I have to ask... approx how many hours do you have into that thing? I wish I had the time to devote to something like that.
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    Beautiful work!! There is no way I could ever have the patience for that type of work. Welcome to the Family! Jim.
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    Nice work,and that is coming from a model maker. I am not sure mine are as good as that, but I still enjoy building custom wooden models and have sold quite a pile of them. It can be a great niche woodworking market if you are interested in getting into something like that.

    I won't detract from your Harley thread here, but if you are ever interested in some of the models I made Virgil, you can see them on my website.

    Again, nice work and its great to see another model-maker on here!
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    Have to echo the words, a true labor of love. Wow!

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    Hi Virgil ,
    That is a tremendous piece of work. With out having done it we cannot imagine the hours, the figuring, nor the techniques necessary to accomplish such an endeavor. Congratulations on a wonderful work of art.
    PS. Welcome, glad to have you here.
    Please share with us some of your mental and or physical challenges during this project. I am sure you have a few.
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    Welcome to the forum. Beautiful job with awesome detail, right down to the oil leak!

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    Welcome! Virgil.

    Only someone with a broken hip can have this kind of patience.

    Awesome work.

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    Holy cow Virgil! That's great! With a broken hip no less. Thanks for posting the pictures and welcome.


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    What a ton of work, and such talent, I don't think I've seen a Harley I've liked as much as they one you built!
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