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Thread: Beautiful Choir

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    Beautiful Choir

    It was visitors' day at the lunatic asylum. All the patients were standing out in the courtyard and singing, "Ave Maria", and singing it beautifully. Oddly, each of them was holding a red apple in one hand and tapping it rhythmically with a pencil.

    A visitor listened in wonderment to the performance and then approached the conductor. "I am a retired choir director," he said. "This is one of the best choirs I have ever heard."

    "Yes, I'm very proud of them," said the conductor.

    "You should take them on tour," said the visitor, "what are they called?"

    "In the beginning this was a big problem. One inmate wanted to call them the "Big Apple with Little Brown Seeds Singing Sons of Siam". But I said it was too long and, anyway, none of them were from Siam. Then, another thought "The Pencil Leads" was a good name but the others disagreed because they had no one to write to."

    "Well," the visitor asked, "What name did they finally agree on?"

    "Surely that's obvious," replied the conductor. "They all agreed to call themselves".

    ..are you ready for this?...

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    Okay, it may be just a bit "off color", but I thought it was funny, Chuck.
    Billy B.

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    Told it to my wife and another woman second ago... the response from both was... "very cute". Yes I got a chuckle also.
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