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Thread: Does any body knows the name of this tool?

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    Does any body knows the name of this tool?

    Even in spanish I am not quit sure if it is named sardina ?
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    two-man crosscut saw

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    What Ken those are some thin cuts there making there.
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    Thanks Ken and Jeff.

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    They come in two main flavors, hardwood and softwood. The difference being the way the teeth are designed and placed among other things. Can't really tell in that pic which one you have there.
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    2 Man cross cut

    I have one that has a beautiful outdoor handpainted scene on it.

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    Yep everyone is right, they are called 2 man cross cut saws, which are also nicknamed Misery Whips. You have probably seen me type that name on here several times as I have a few of them.

    The one in the picture is more then likely a cross-cutting saw for softwood. We have a lot of high school and college woodsman teams that play the Stihl Timber Sports type games here in Maine. Myself I played in the 2 man cross-cutting part of the game. Our rules here in Maine (and they might vary) meant the cookies we cut off were 12 inch in diameter White Pine Logs.

    If anyone is looking for a new saw, they can still be purchased at such places as Baileys Logging Supply, Highland Hardware, and Snow and Neally. Just beware, the competition saws can fetch up to 1500 bucks.
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