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Thread: Acetone: What's it good for?

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    Acetone: What's it good for?

    I was trying to get a gallon of Ispoproopyl alcohol but got mixed up and ended up getting a gallon of Acetone instead. It was easier to do then you think. Both drums were side by side, and they are both clear in color, and the chemical shed smells like a bunch of chemicals such as MEK, alcohol and Acetone, so I really couldn't tell.

    Okay, okay...I was having a senior moment and did not look close enough as I was in a hurry...Either way, our machine shop is not allowed to have this chemical, I got to get rid of it.

    So my question is,does Acetone have any good use in a woodworking shop?
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    Acetone is real good for cleaning up uncured epoxy, and will (slowly) loosen fingers that have been super-glued together. (Don't ask me how I know about the fingers bit.) It's also useful for wiping down oily woods like cocobolo before gluing.

    And after a busy Saturday afternoon of playing Tea Party with Alyson, it will remove fingernail polish.

    That gallon would last me a long time. I bought a pint a few years ago and still have over half the can.
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    Maybe not woodworking, but acetone can be used for sealing small wires and wiring coils and can act as a glue in some cases. To make that sealant/glue, you start with a small amount of acetone and then dissolve styrofoam (sp?) peanuts into it until you have the consistency you want. Then it's simply a matter of brushing it on. I think some airplane modelers use it as fabric dope on their models.

    cheers eh?

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    Travis, Vaughn has already given you some uses for it. It will easily remove glue residue left by labels. There are some pen turners who use it for something rather unorthodox. Some (like me) use it to dissolve plexiglass. This acetone/plexi mixture can be used for two things. Some use it as a finish instead of CA. Others (like me) use it as a wood stabilizer. It works very well for punky woods.
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    Wat Vaughn and Bill said.

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    If you get epoxy or poly glue on your hands, it works good to get it off but wash your hands afterwards. The acetone will dry, chap, and crack your skin in a hurry.
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    I always have a gallon around. I use for light paint removal or if I want something really, really clean. I always use chemical resistant gloves.
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    I guess we shouldn't tell Travis he can use it to blow stuff up...!



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    "Some use it as a finish instead of CA."

    I have got to try that! Do you have more details? Can it be stored? What's the technique?



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    Yeah, that plexiglass/acetone thing sounds cool. More details as to amounts and such, please.

    Surprised no one mentioned using it to remove fingernail polish spills for concrete. Since it dissolves darn near everything else, using it to remove fingernail polish from furniture and such might be a little counter productive.

    And no we really really shouldn't tell Travis about using it to blow things up.

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