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Thread: Door hinge template jig?

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    Door hinge template jig?

    Does anyone have experience with a good quality hinge template jig? This is for regular house door hinges. I need to mill 7 doors for my present job and the door shop wants $50 per door for milling and boring. I figure that it's time to buy my own jig.

    Are there better or worse jigs? I"m looking for reliability and longevity. Ease of use would be nice too.

    Thanks very much for your advice.
    Thanks, Mark.

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    the p/c jig is pretty much the standard or you could do as i do?
    here`s an amazon link to the p/c;
    [SIZE="1"] associated with several importers and manufacturers.[/SIZE]

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    I used this one from Lee Valley with great results.,43000
    It isn't the most rugged piece of equipment (if you purchase it give me a shout and I'll tell you what to avoid so you don't break it), but I have done 15 oak doors flawlessly.

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    Mark, use Tod's jig! It is quick, easy, accurate, and CHEAP!!! I had to hang a bunch of interior doors a few weeks back and it does the job quite nicely.

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    pc unit get my vote you will catch on to fast and easy to set up

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    Talking about hinges, I saw a neat hint on DYI network the other day when mounting hinges. This guy screwed the hinge to the door and jamb exactly where he wanted to position the hinge. Then he scored the wood all the way around the hinge with a utility knife. Removed the hinges and routed out the waste material. He ended up with very nice crisp edges to the hinge mortises that fit the hinge exactly.

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