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Thread: Extention Tables

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    Extention Tables

    How have you added estention tables to your saws. I don't mean OEM ones I mean the ones made from MDF or ply. Hooking it to the tables and the legs you used. I am going to be doing this additon over the Holidays and was looking for some ideas along these lines

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    Do you mean "outfeed table"? How about something that looks like this?

    Or do you really mean "extension table"? Mine looks like this.

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    The out feed....and extention table, longer wider.....I have castiron router table to go in it. be able to but a sheet of ply on the table. The saw in the pic is what it will be going on

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    Hey Reg,
    Hoa's outfeed table really rocks!

    I just made a simple table, covered with formica, edge trimmed with hardwood, and put lag screws on the bottom of the legs for levelling purposes. Routed out grooves to extend the miter slots in the table saw.

    If you are like me, any horizontal surface is going to serve way more than one purpose. It doubles as assembly table, finishing table, etc. Be sure to have enough overhang to accomodate clamps. I have freestanding shelves built under it to hold jigs (cross cut sled, mortise jig, etc.) That table probably gets more use than anything else in the shop


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    Reg, here's one that i made for my Uni a few years ago. It has stood up well.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bottom View.jpg   Folded Side View.jpg   Hinge& Bracing.jpg   Leg Hinge-Folded.jpg   Leg Hinge-Open.jpg  

    Leg Retracted & Folded.jpg   Legs Extended.jpg   One Leg Retracted.jpg   Table Hinge & Magnet.jpg   Table Open.jpg  

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    Wow guys....I thought I would just put something together so I could cut a sheet of ply but Hoa and Bruch it seems have had me scratchin me noggin. I will have to get out the board and tape mesurer and get to work on it ocer the Holidays....Now oyu gone and dune it guys....another project...

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    reg, use ply (baltic) for the framework and cover with your choice of material, mdf,formica,melimine ect......but make the top removable and wax the heck out of it......tod
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jesse Cloud View Post
    ............Hoa's outfeed table really rocks!..........
    Hoa should put some of them feet levelers on it............

    Just funning!

    Yeah, Hoa & Bruce's tables are really well thought out and well done

    Reg, I gather you want something that can fold up and be out of the way when you are not using the saw?

    NOT a permenant table?

    I have a table behind my TS and it is ALWAYS covered with SOMETHING

    When I want to use the saw, I have to clean up......... but I have no space to do it any other way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoa Dinh View Post
    Do you mean "outfeed table"? How about something that looks like this?

    Or do you really mean "extension table"? Mine looks like this.
    Do you have plans or drawings of the outfeed table?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Beaver View Post
    Do you have plans or drawings of the outfeed table?
    Of course not

    If there had been a plan, I would have "customized" it anyway. All of the projects I've done were "customized," oftentimes unintentially

    I submitted the idea to Wood Mag. but they didn't want to publish it because I was just copying someone else's design

    Here's a little write-up I still keep. Let me know if I can provide more info:

    I got a new Unisaw a few years back. As most Unisaw shipped during that time, it came with a laminate extension table and a laminate storage shelf. I found the laminate extension table having a bow in the middle that rendered it unusable. I contacted Delta about the problem. They shipped me a new set of extension table/storage shelf package and told me not to ship the bad one back.

    I hated to throw the bowed extension table and the shelf away. So I used them for the outfeed table. I found that if I ripped the extension table in half lengthwise and banded it with hardwood, I could “persuade” it to be sufficiently flat for an outfeed table.

    Besides some simple sketches that were not worth keeping, I had no plan for the outfeed table. I just made up the “plan” in my head as I built it.

    I would also like these features:

    • The outfeed table had to be mobile with the saw.
    • It had to be able to fold down and when folded down, took as little space as possible.
    • When folded down, it had to clear the dust collection port at the back of the saw cabinet. This limited the depth of the outfeed table (from where it was attached to the TS top to the far edge) to 26”, the distance from the top of the TS and the top of the dust collection port.
    • The depth of 26” was not sufficient to support ripping a workpiece 7’ long (the approximate “standard” height of the bookcases I built). So I needed to extend the depth of the outfeed table somehow, or I would need another support after the outfeed table when ripping 7’ long pieces.

    My saw came with the Unifence, which unlike the Biessy, did not have a rail in the back. I added a piece of 3/16” thick, 2”X2” angle iron to serve several purposes:
    • Provided support for the Dewalt sliding table (normally supported with two brackets attached to the top of the TS).
    • Provided support for the router table wing on the right (at the time, I hadn’t built the cabinet for the router yet).
    • Acted as an anchor for the outfeed table.

    Another point was that I didn’t like to cut an opening in the outfeed table for the stock splitter. It would be a fairly large opening because it needed to accommodate a tilted splitter when the blade was tilted in bevel cutting. For the Unisaw (and some others, such as the Grizzly 1023 series and its Shopfox clones), this issue is easily solved with a $40 Delta Removable Splitter (of course if you want bladeguard, you’ll need to get an over-arm).

    The outfeed table, when completed, is 36” wide, 26” deep. The top consists of 2 sections: the inner section (close to the TS top) is fixed and anchored to the TS top with a long piano hinge. The outer section is attached to the fixed section by a pair of 16” full-length drawer slides. When the outer section slides out, the depth of the outfeed table is 40” from the anchor point. This is sufficient for me to rip 7’, or even 8’ pieces.

    I could probably use longer drawer slides to extend the movable section even further. But a set of 16” drawer slides was what I had at hand. And I haven’t seen the need for deeper table.

    I added a piece of hard maple connecting the fixed section and the extension sections in the center (widthwise). This piece of maple was to provide support for the filler piece and also to keep the extension section from sliding down when the outfeed table was folded (locked by a T-knob).

    The folding leg brackets are item #32754 (Posi-Lock Folding Leg Brackets - $7.99) from Rockler. I think item 00T16.01 from Lee Valley is the same at slightly higher price ($5.50 each). The nice thing is that they lock in both the open and the close positions. The legs have levelers to accommodate uneven shop floor.

    Hard maple was used for edgings, legs, …

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