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Thread: Machinist Chest

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    Machinist Chest

    I made 2 of these tool boxes patterned after Gerstner Wood Chests. I also made 2 from The Toolbox Book by Jim Tolpin. Iíve been very happy with mine and I gave my partner and his sons, each a box for their use at the tool shop.
    Some of the prep work, showing Rockler square ups, when dry fitting every thing, making sure every part fits the way it should. This should be done prior to glue up.
    It will save a lot of second guess work on my part. Have fun look over the photos.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails T-Box1.jpg   T-Box2.jpg   T-Box3.jpg   T-Box4.jpg   T-Box5.jpg  

    T-Box6.jpg   T-Box6jpg.jpg   T-Box8.jpg   T-Box9.jpg   T-Box11.jpg  

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    Looks like a very challenging project. And the results look like something that will be treasured for generations.

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    Nice job and that is coming from a person that likes making toolboxes himself. I got Jim's book myself and its pretty good. A little bit of everything really.
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    That’s a thing of beauty Gayl. I have always lusted after a nice Gerstner but when I entered the trade I couldn’t afford one so I bought the large Kennedy machinist chest instead. The Kennedy has served me well all these years but I still want a Gerstner.
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    hi gayl

    beautiful work on both chests

    almost makes me wish my name was tom or bob wheeler
    what are you building today ??


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    Very nicely done Gayl.
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    WOW - that is quite AWESOME,

    I really love these wooden tool chests.

    You did such an AWESOME job on yours.

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    Very nice job. All these tool boxes makes me think I should try and build one.

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