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Thread: My Tool Chest

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    My Tool Chest

    Well - It's done
    Sides and back are quarter sawn Cherry.

    Front is Cherry Edge on Maple - the cherry shows but not the maple - did that to save on the cherry - the maple I used was real inexpensive.

    Drawer fronts are Birdseye maple.

    Drawer sides and backs are maple.

    Drawer bottoms and birch ply 1/4 thick.

    Inside bottoms of drawers are lined with imitation leather.

    Top is carefully selected flat sawn Cherry. I actually cut it from the middle of a 12" wide board. The top is VERY very flat.

    The finish is poly only. 10 coats each coat thinned 50% with naptha and applied with a rag.

    DO TAKE NOTICE of the escushions behind the drawer knobs - specially made by a special guy that lives in Vermont. Thanks Tim!! They look GREAT!!
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    Leo very nice work, Itís really a beautiful Machinist's Chest.
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    That's a beautiful piece of woodworking, Leo. How much time would you guess you have into it?
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    Vaughn, I have only worked on it occasionally as time permitted. But I would guess about 100 - 150 hours at completely finished.

    I cut the plans short to give me some diferent results. There are more to the plans that I planned on doing.

    What you see is what I was Planning to do.

    Some day I will get better and make it complete with raised panels for my wife, and with the panel doors.

    For now this is my benchtop tool chest for special and delicate tools.

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    That is very nice. Almost too nice to use in the shop.

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    Leo, that is super nice!

    The attention to detail is really fantastic, thanks for sharing!
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    Very nice work Leo. Now your tools have a proper home.

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    That is sharp. Congratulations
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    Wonderful job Leo . Your tools will be spoiled.
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    FANTASTIC! work Leo

    I would be very proud to show that one off if I had done the work.


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