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Thread: A couple of new attempts

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    A couple of new attempts

    This is my first attempt at a couple of new blanks. A snake skin and a shreaded money blank. The snake skin was a challenge. I sure didn't want to mess it up so it took forever to turn. Wasn't quite sure how far down I could take it so left it more hefty than I like them. The money blank was also a challenge getting all of the voids filled. I didn't color the inside of the money blank as recommended. I thought the allusion of maybe a hint of gold in the money would look good. All in all both pens came out OK I guess. Comments are welcome.

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    Bobby those are a couple of beauties. Well done. Like'em both.
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    Both of those pens are very cool, Bobby. I like the choice of hardware you used, too.
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    Nice pens!
    I've never heard of a shredded money blank. Is that homemade or did you purchase it somewhere? Looks real cool!

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