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Thread: Osage Orange burnt bowl

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    Osage Orange burnt bowl

    Well I haven't posted on here for a while but I haven't stopped using the lathe. This is what I worked on last night. The bowl is Osage Orange that is burnt on the bottom part. (Someone on here did this a while ago and I thought that t looked good). The bowl is 4" across and 2.5" high.Let me know what you honestly think.
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    Shawn, I like it a lot! I've burnt a few of my pieces with a simple propane torch. What did you use? I really like the rim left unburnt (is that a word?)Can't tell for sure, but did you sand the burnt part a little to let some of the wood color show through? Well Done
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    Thanks! I used a wood burning pen with a large tip on it. And yes I sanded it to let some of the color through. It actualy looks like leather when you see it in person.

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    Cool stuff, Shawn. Did the osage orange tend to burn pretty consistently? Some of the wood I've burned had soft spots here and there where the burning pen made its mark much more quickly. I'm guessing OO, as hard as it is, wouldn't give that problem.
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    Wish the pictures were better. From what I see, it is not to my tastes. Sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    From what I see, it is not to my tastes. Sorry.
    I have to agree. Why go to all the trouble to turn that gorgeous OO, only to char it and hide the beauty and the grain? I think that the burning was a waste of your time and a pretty piece of wood. Sorry, but you asked for honesty.
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    Vaughn, It actualy took longer to burn than I thought that it would. It did burn consistantly though. This is the first piece of OO that I have turned and you aren't kidding when you say that it is hard. As for the opinions expressed, Thanks. I am not sure that I will burn anything else but it was fun to experiment with. My wife and kids like the bowl but I am still up in the air about it. Frank no need to be sorry, I asked for honest opinions.

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    "Let me know what you honestly think."

    I think we can't tell. Your text sounds good, but the pictures just show dark and less dark. If we get some better images, we might change our minds...



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    I agree with the other folks. It is hard to give an opinion when the pictures are not too clear.

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    Well this is about as good as it gets when it comes to my photography. But I do think that it shows the bowl a little better.
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