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Thread: Hello from a beginning wood turner

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    Hello from a beginning wood turner

    Joined a couple days ago. Looks like it will take a couple years to go through the vast amount of info here. Looks like a really fantastical place to get ideas and advice. Woodworkers helping woodworkers. What a deal. Who would have thunk.

    I am a beginning wood turner, and have found good info from the membership of

    Also the place that guided me here.

    Hope to gain knowledge and maybe even give back. I learn by doing. Sometimes that is the best way to learn.

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    Welcome, Duane!

    I think you'll find the group here friendly, informative and a lot of fun. Be sure to post pics of your lathe, shop, projects and anything else you wish. We like pics here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duane Stolldorf View Post
    I learn by doing. Sometimes that is the best way to learn.
    Duane, I agree completely. I also looked at your bowls on your website and by the looks of things, I think your "learning by doing" is going quite well indeed.

    Also, Welcome to the Family
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    Welcome to the Family, Duane.
    Nancy Laird
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    Duane Welcome to the family
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    Hey Duane, nice to see you, welcome to the Family!
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    Hi Duane, wellcome to the family, the right attitude, just do it, the best way to learn.


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