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Thread: Home made Bedan

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    Home made Bedan

    I have a friend that has an industrial grinding business. This tool was made from a cutting blade that had been sharpened beyond its usefulness. I asked my friend to sharpen it into a Bedan. It is Rockwell 70. The sides are ground back 1 1/2 degree. Thickness is 5/8, width is 7/8, length is 14 and it is double ended. I wrapped the tool in wax paper and glued the handle around it. Before glueup I pressed in a 1/4-20 "t" nut. I have only used this tool for pealing and planning cuts but after watching Stu's video I am going to try turning a bead.
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    Terry that looks good. The only thing I would have did different is put a 3/4" or 1" piece of copper sleeve made from a copper coupler cut in half tHat would give you more strength so the wood doesn't crack on the end where the tool comes out of the wood. Especially if you have a lot of pressure while turning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Quiram View Post
    It is Rockwell 70. The sides are ground back 1 1/2 degree. Thickness is 5/8, width is 7/8, length is 14 and it is double ended.
    If you want to use as French style bedan like Stu shows in the YouTube, the sides should be square with corners slightly rounded off. If you use with the bevel up, the corner of the bedan is used a lot of the time. The sharp angle from the corner would nick the toolrest very easily. The Rockwell 70 is harder than the tool rest.
    The trapezoid cross section is an English bedan. It is mostly used flat on the tool rest, the trapezoid is for clearance like a diamond parting tool.

    It is a mighty big bedan. It looks good.

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    Nice piece of work Terry.

    I'll be interested in how you get along with it, I think the shaft has to be fairly long to get the leverage and control you need with this tool

    Have at, look forward to your updates!
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    Terry........nicely done. I wish I knew enough about metal to work with it. I can drill, thread it etc......but don't know enough about kinds of steel and don't have the tools to do it right. Give us a progress report after you've turned with it for a while.

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    Terry, I saw your scraper thread first. Looks like you've been busy making tools. Now lets see something round made with them!
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