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Thread: cameras in the shop

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    cameras in the shop

    not sure where to ask this question but this seemed like a good place

    im curious how you guys keep dust from getting into your cameras when you have them in the shop? especially during a project?

    in the past ive taken pics in the shop and always found dust spots in the pictures from it getting on the lense. and with my old camera, even INSIDE the lense! i kept the camera covered in the case until time to take the picture but still managed to get dust spots. you guys have any tips? i dont want to mess up my camera with dust getting inside of it like my last one
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    I don't keep my camera in the shop.

    I bring it in when I want to take a shot, and then take it out again.

    Do you have a Dust Collector and/or an Ambient Air cleaner? I do, and maybe that is why I've never had any issues with this.

    But also, I usually DON'T stop in the middle of a procedure to snap a shot. I usually take pictures at a time when I am NOT woodworking, so maybe by then any remaining dust has settled out.

    Time will tell.

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    I have a dedicated camera for the shop which I inherited from my mom after we got her a new one for Christmas. Plus, I keep that in the office I have out in my shop when I'm not using it which stays reasonably clean. Like Art, I usually don't stop to take pictures, but take them at the end of a day of significant progress.

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    Get you a waterproof box for use on a boat. Or something similar and keep it in there.
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    I use my cell phone camera, it takes good enough pics for the web
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    I don't keep the camera in the's my wifes and she would kill me if something happened to it.

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    I use my cell phone mostly. It's in my pocket almost all the time, so can pull it out anytime I feel a shot is needed.

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    I bring the camera in, take the shots I want and take it back out.
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    Ditto what Art, Ken & Glenn said, the camera lives in the house.
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    I have a little Casio Exlim that fits in my back pocket handily. I usually use that one for progress shots, but it doesn't stay in the shop. If I'm taking more than just snapshots, I'll grab my Nikon, but I don't leave it sitting in the shop. I can set it down easily in the laundry room (next door to the shop) so it's out of the dust but close at hand.
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