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Thread: Handled Bowl

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    Handled Bowl

    Hi Guys,

    I turned this a couple of weeks ago but only had chance to photograph and post it now. This was a challenge for our local club, which was to turn a multi axis piece. This handled bowl required four axis: One for the outside of the bowl pus start of handle, two more for the handle, all between centers. The fourth was to hollow out the bowl which was held in a jam fit chuck with the handle whirling around which required a lot of concentration as to not put your hand over the rest! That would hurt! I lamenated five pieces of walnut to make a 4 1/2" diameter blank.

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    Gari, that is so cool!

    I've seen spoons done, and that handle helicoptering away is rather scary!

    Great job, thanks for sharing!
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    That's awesome!

    Thanks for the pics and the explanation of how it's the pros!


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    Good job. That flying handle, I'm sure, was a challenge. Yes, keep fingers away.

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    Nice looking turning. I'm sure it was a challange.
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