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Thread: Prunus bowl

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    Prunus bowl

    Had first the intention to make a lidded bowl, but it warped a little bit, so than you never be able to make a nice fit of the lid. Okay than only a bowl, also nice.
    Prunus is familiar with cherry, we call it ''steenkers''.
    It's an inland woodspecies, grows in the province Limburg mostly.
    Got it from a good friend.
    I was already glad that it came out without a single crack, always a problem with this wood.
    The bowl is 7'' in diameter and 4'' in height. Finished as usual with three layers blanc transparent stain.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 100_1554 - prunus bowl DxH 7''x4''.jpg  

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    Small low prunus bowl

    This is what I made of what has to be the lid of the prunus bowl.
    Low profile 7/8'' heigh, and 5'' diameter.
    Good for peanuts or other tasty stuff.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 100_1556 - small low prunus bowl  DxH 5''.jpg  

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    Nicely done Ad!

    If it's like fruit woods over here.....nearly impossible to get them "crack free" .....I have been told several times if I develop a method of getting all fruitwoods crack free I could be a millionaire. It is a shame. The native woods here are nearly all coniferous. However, I live in an area that has a lot of developed orchards.....fruitwood is available.

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    Good save Ad. Both a great looking pieces. I would put M & M's in the lid.
    Bernie W.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernie Weishapl View Post
    Good save Ad. Both a great looking pieces. I would put M & M's in the lid.
    Good idea Bernie, don't thought for one moment on M&M's, and than to know that I it was who designed machinery for printing M&M on these sweeties.

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    Well done Ad! I find your information about the native wood you have interesting. It sounds like you have similar if not the same types we have here in the states.
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    Nice job, on both pieces, Ad...even if it wasn't what you started out to make.

    So you say there's a machine that prints the M&Ms? It's not some little old lady with a rubber stamp and white ink?
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    Nice bowl and dish Ad! We all get chances for design modifications... you made the most of yours! Very nice work - great color!

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    Nice pieces Ad. Like the bowl form. I may have to try one like that.

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