I am still consolidating my shop down. I am selling a brand new Pat Warner custom mortiser jig and the router that goes with it. This is all brand new, setup, calibrated and ready to go. I paid over $700 for all of this. I am selling this as a lot for $400. I know it's pricey, but if you've used any of Pat's stuff before, you know it's top of the line. He is probably the most well known router expert in the US. I have many of his jigs, bases and templates, they are all excellent. I have included a link to the mortiser page where you can read about this jig. The first picture on the page is what mine looks like, including the router, which is brand new, purchased for use with this jig.

1) The Jig & s&h = $299 + $20

2) 621 double mortise edge guide (as shown at the mortise link): $60

3) Custom cut 621 round subbase for mortising: $15

4) 1 spacer kit (allows sample stock thickness to 1-7/8"): $17

5) 508 mortising bit: $48

6) Dewalt 621 Router: $225