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Thread: Got a planer

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    Red face Got a planer

    Well I got a palner last night. I went to the woodworkers meeting and bought it. I got a 13" Steel City. I know no pics it didn't happen. I need to learn how to make posts with pics. I haven't unpacked the planer yet so I need to go.

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    Congrats Rex, I've been hearing good things about the Steel City tools, so I look forward to your review (with pics!) of the planer after you have some time on it.

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    Congrats on the planer I've got a couple Steel City tools, and really like them. You have going to enjoy the planer, I'm sure.

    Here's a tutorial on posting pics here:

    Look forward to seeing your projects...and shop.

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    Congrats, Rex. Now get those pics figured out so we all can see them.
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    Congrats on the new planer. Your woodworking will now advance to a much higher plane.

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