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Thread: So it begins....

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    Matt Dunlap Guest

    So it begins....

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    Keep us posted. Secretly many of us "think" we want to make a living doing WW, so your experiences would be interesting.

    You might want to consider using a different picasa web account for your wood working stuff. Just to keep people focused on you business.

    Also Google has launched a new service call I have not figured it all out yet, but it is a build it yourself website. I think it will take some figuring to get it all together, but it might we a way for you to get a quick web site. It has the ability to incorporate picasa web albums and much more.

    Oh yea, I just copied your idea for "my pics" in my signature. Hope you do not mind.

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    Looks like you're off to the races. Just don't burn out on the woodworking with those 80-100 hour weeks. Would hate to see you lose the passion you seem to have for working wood.
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    Best of luck to you Matt. Your picture album shows some impressive skills!
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    Congrats, Matt. Best of luck in the new endeavor. Sounds like you've got your ducks in a row already.
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    Yes, best of luck to you Matt. I have been kind of doing the same thing, but have not taken the big plunge like you have done. Sounds like you are off and running, and did a well laid out plan far in advance. That is good.
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    I expect great success, whatever you do, don't low ball your prices just to get work, or you will work yourself to death. I think that once you quit the day job, you would have to make sure there was a steady flow of work, but until then, just take the ones where people want to pay you a good price for work well done.

    Best of luck, we are all cheering you on!
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    all the best in your new venture, I hope you have that tough decision to make sometime around September or so. Good Luck!

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    The very best of luck, Matt. I'll be watching for updates. Been thinkin on doing similar myself.

    BTW I've got a brother-in-law there in Hobbs. Retired from the fire department there a few years back.

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    a super big congrats to you man.. i know where you are. i stood there 1 year ago. let me tell you. i will never look back. working for myself is the best. it may not be suitable for everyone. but it sounds like you have good work ethic and have lined up the process quite well.

    you hit the nail on the head with the accounting part. i just spent half a day catching up and making sure my book keeping program was up to date so i can get taxes done.

    remember that age old advice, measure twice? well do that, then look around and examine the surroundings for possible problems. then measure again just to make sure. when in doubt. always recheck. i have learned the hardway.

    keep a good head on your shoulders about tools as well. you don't have to have the very best of everything now. but make sure you buy quality once. i have learned you can do many things with limited tools if you use your brain and have a little patience.

    i wish you the best of luck. i wish you were closer I could give you alot of work right now.


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