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Thread: Rigid router kit

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    Rigid router kit

    Does anyone have the rigid router kit for 200.00.I am in the market ,I just sold my skill 1 1/2 HP piece of ##@#@ and I have a new router table and it is lonely for a router.I am looking for something that is powerful enough for a table and nice for freehand routing.I guess raising the bit from the top of the router table would be nice to,without the lift kit.

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    Don't know about the Ridgid kit, but Woodworkers Supply has/had the Hitachi 2.25 hp kit - fixed and plunge bases - for $139.00. I bought one a month ago, Shipping included, it was $152.00.

    I really like it, too. The router has plenty of power, and it's pretty quiet. Both bases function just as they're supposed to.
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    i almost bought the ridgid router but after reading reviews i bought a dewalt router for the same price
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    If I was going to spend $200 for a Ridgid I would go $215 for the Milwaukee 5616-24. The DeWalt 618 kit is $199 at Lowe's but I took mine back and got the Milwaukee. The Hitachi is less still and looks like a nice little setup.
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