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Thread: Bet your gonna laugh...

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    Bet your gonna laugh...

    I was sanding a piece of MDF for a project I'm working on and I wanted to use the bigger drums on my oscillating sander to get more material off quicker. As I started sanding I noticed that the sanding pads moved up the drum and wouldn't stay on and I didn't have any washer big enough so I had to improvise...

    So here it is; my biscuit washer!!

    While drilling through the biscuit it broke in half, the original washer held the two pieces on the drum.
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    I'll laugh, not at you, but in enjoying your ability to overcome a problem, well done!
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    Hey, it worked. It's a very workable idea, even using small pieces of wood other than biscuits.
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    No laughing here. That looks like a perfectly legitimate solution.
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    Whatever works.

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    Very well done... when I was in the military we called that a "field expedient". In other words, do whatever you gotta do to get the job done or to get out of the danger .
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