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Thread: lousy photos

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    lousy photos

    I have often wondered: Just where do folks brains go when they are taking pictures? Example: My wife just returned from her trip 'up nawth' for her high school reunion. During the trip she had a chance to visit with her two sisters and brother. It is very rare that the four are all together at the same time. I told her it was important to get a picture since none was getting any younger and there may never again be such an opportunity. OK, they did it. Well, her brother-in-law sent the picture to me. He stood way back in a large room. The four are a small speck in the center and the shot is out of focus. He is normally a pretty intelligent guy, made millions in business.) But, why can't he think through enough to stand closer and allow the idiot proof digi cam to auto-focus for one-half second before pushing the button? I have taught my wife to overcome those things. But.....she tilts the camera up and cuts off heads about at the chin. I don't get it.

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    Frank, I hear you, but if it was so dead easy, there would be no job description such as "Professional Photographer"
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    Because the brain sees the people, not the rest of the frame.

    People concentrate on what they are taking the photo of. I bet 95% of the people do the same thing. Lots of background and little subject. Take some training to learn to think like a photographer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    Frank, I hear you, but if it was so dead easy, there would be no job description such as "Professional Photographer"
    I spent a big part of my life earning my living with a camera. Maybe I'm too fussy. But, 'idiot proof' seems more like 'idiot maker'. Oh, well.

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    Some people including the LOML just don't pay attention to detail. There are days when that has been to my personal advantage! That being said....I love digital. In the long run it's cheaper than film......My wife and the NRA.......Shoot more and shoot more often!

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    The biggest complaint of our crime lab photography guy was that the folks in the field taking crime scene photos just could not get it through their heads to fill the frame with the subject of the photo. Wasn't to bad when they were using medium format cameras as the large negative was fairly amenable to cropping and blowing up the important parts. When we switched to 35mm though, even with some of the high resolution films, it was a real PITA.

    Guess if the digi pics are shot at high enough resolution, you could crop it in real close to the subject and really see the blur of the out of focus shot.

    The ones that get me are the close-up pics of kids taken from adult level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    Frank, I hear you, but if it was so dead easy, there would be no job description such as "Professional Photographer"
    Yep, thanks, I love my job!

    We pro's mess up shots too, but we know enough to get an extra frame or two, especially now in the digital age!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Fitzgerald View Post
    Shoot more and shoot more often!
    Amen to that! One photographer I used to work with had the same mantra. He always had beautiful work. He also used to say "Yes, film is expensive, but re-shoots are embarrassing!" (if not impossible)

    Sam was at a friends birthday party and I took around 200 pictures - most blah stuff, but a number of gems. The parents were thrilled with the CD because they took maybe ten pictures and from the sounds of it, they learned photography from Frank's BIL!


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    I guess this is why I bought as high of resolution camera I can afford. As long as my wife gets the subject somewhere in the shot, I can zoom in and still have a decent picture from it.

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    And I'm betting there was only one picture taken taken of the group, instead of grabbing a few extras as safety shots. My sister has shot a lot of weddings, and I've helped her with several. Even in the "film days" we would shoot tons of pics in the effort to get a few dozen "keepers". Nowadays with digitals, it's even easier (and virtually free) to take a lot of extra shots.
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