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Thread: Liquid Amber NE Bowl

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    Liquid Amber NE Bowl

    This is some wood I got from a firewood lot in Pasadena. The wood guy told me it was "Liquid Amber" wood. After a little research, I learned it was "Liquidambar", and it's just another name for Sweet or Red Gum. Of course, I did this reasearch after I wrote "Liquidamber" on the bottom with a wood-burning pen. (I looked it up after I got it, and remembered it was a single word, but I didn't pay attention to the spelling.) So, I guess this is a SweetRedAmberLiquidGumball bowl.

    It's 16" x 12" on the top, and about 4 1/2" tall at the wings. The walls are just under 1/2 thick. Nothing real spectacular going on in the wood, but it turned and finished nicely, with good, tight bark. The finish is Formby's Tung Oil blend and spray lacquer, tripoli and wax buffed. The cracks in the knot in the bottom are filled with CA and charcoal dust.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've got to get a bigger backdrop...the bowls are getting too big. (I already have a bigger light cube, but the frame is real flimsy, so I need to figure out a cheap and easy way to reinforce it.)

    Comments, critiques, and questions about animal husbandry welcomed.
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    Sweet looking NE bowl Vaughn!

    It may not be complex, but then again, some times the simple stuff just looks so nice

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    Interesting, the way I look at it it looks like it was bent the same way any plastic cover would. Still It looks really nice.

    What are you going to use it for? Sell? Salad bowl? For your morning cereal?

    Great Job!
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    Pretty piece Vaughn! I like the form, wood and finish.

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    ooooooooh aaaaah
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    Nice work Vaughn! Love the size of this! Great form, color and lots of bark! Looks like it would make a great bread basket!

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    Thats a beauty Vaughn, great job keeping the bark intact, thats always been my nemisis

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    Wow! I need to find out where this lot is.

    Very beautiful in all its simplicity.

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    Vaughn, that is beautiful! I like the star of charcoal dust. Well Done
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    questions about animal husbandry welcomed.
    Great! Why is a duck?

    Oh, by the way, beautiful bowl, Vaughn!

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