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Thread: Milling Black Walnut in Rockville IL

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    Milling Black Walnut in Rockville IL

    Not really a classified ad but wasn't sure where else to stick this.

    If there is anyone in the area that likes black walnut and the idea of milling your own lumber, you might be interested in this.

    "Rockford, Illinois. Thanks!

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    Subject: Re: [milling] Veneer grade walnut trees for sale

    What city and state do you live in?

    ~c. hoffman

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    Subject: [milling] Veneer grade walnut trees for sale

    I live in a subdivision that was developed in 1995 and I am the 2nd owner of
    my home. Therefore, I know that the trees in my yard have not been tampered
    with in any way. I have approx 5 walnut trees that do not have branches
    until they are 40 feet from the ground, they are approx 65 inches around at
    4.5 feet off of the ground. There are no scars visible. Someone from a
    veneer company came out in the fall and said they were probably veneer
    quality trees, but they had no way to remove them from my yard. Their
    office was far away. The trees are close to my house and there are power
    lines in my back yard, but the road that backs up to my property can be
    closed for tree removal. Mt main interest is removing the trees. If
    someone is interested in buying them, my neighbors each have walnut trees as
    well for a total of around 15. The lots are heavily wooded. If you can
    help, please email. Thanks! "

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    Removal of those trees sounds like a job for a professional. As big as they are, I'm surprised the veneer company didn't buy them. Check around, I'll bet you have some value there.

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    I'm surprised she even got any one out there to even look at them. Every logger I know has no interest in yard trees, no matter what she claims it is still a yard tree,

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