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Thread: Spigot & Tenon Marking gauges,

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    Spigot & Tenon Marking gauges,

    Following on from Stuarts Video and noticing his use of callipers to check dimensions after turning it was pointed out to me by Stu in communications that members might be interested in my little aids to this regular exercise, apologies if you have seen them published elsewhere.
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    Handy and of the best combinations around. Thanks for writing it up and posting the link.

    I'd never seen the term "pillar drill". I was able to figure out what it is given the context in which the term was used, but it was a new one to me nonetheless. Always fun learning a new language, even when it's the same one I've spoken and written all my life.
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    Yep, that is another good one Chas!
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    Thanks Chas.
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