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Thread: DIY Router Table

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    DIY Router Table

    After seeing how Niki did a similar project, I took some of the elements of his design and applied it to this.

    It started like as a folding clamping table from Lowes, and when both handles for the clamps broke, I decided it was time to repurpose it...

    Feel free to check out the rest of the pics in the gallery.

    I started with a whole bunch of ideas that culminated in what you see above. Here is a listing of some of the parts used and rough costs-
    - Plywood and MDF for table $30 - $40 (Yeah I know I took a bath on these due to buying smaller precut panels)
    - Aluminum Miter track - ~$24 (woodcraft store – Clearwater)
    - Small knob set (4 or 6 in the bag) - ~$15 (woodcraft store – Clearwater)
    - Kreg mini track 4’ (bought 2, but have only used one so far) - $20 ea (woodcraft store – Clearwater)
    - CamLock bolts 2ea- $6 ea (woodcraft store – Clearwater) I bought the last two on the shelf
    - Rossaeu Router Plate - ~$30 (woodcraft store – Clearwater)
    - Rossaeu centering kit - ~$5 (woodcraft store – Clearwater)
    - Aluminum L bracket 4’ - ~$25

    This doesn’t necessarily include some of the tooling up that I justified under the guise of this project to enable me to complete other things.
    Rabit router bit set, Spiral flute router bit, and a few other things that I cannot recall.
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    Looks good Carl!

    That top looks mighty substantial!

    I have the "Rossaeu Router Plate" in my router table too, and I like it, some people don't, but I have no problems with it at all.

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    I like it as well... Ole Niki has some good ideas from time to time...

    As we configure Router tables with assorted features and complicate everything (the nature of the WWing beast) it behooves us to sit back and watch the Router Workshop every once in a while and see what those Canadians can do with a flat top and a straightedge w/clamps. Claw hammer for micro adjustments, guage blocks for height adjustment,

    Thanks for the posting and ideas. I need a new top on my table... or do I?

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    I had read the whole controversy about that plate and as most of the detractors were coming from those who probably know how to read a dial micrometer , thus I figured that I don't have the skills/experience yet to find the same faults that many of them cited.

    The top layer is 3/4" MDF with a few layers of polyurethane to aid in sliding things around and hopefully reduce the chance of ruining the table when I get hit by a suprise thunderstorm.

    The table's maiden task was to cut a rabbet for my changing table pad, which it did well, but was a bit small for the full piece. I chalked that up to poor planning on my side as the table is still larger than nearly anything I have seen for under $300....

    My next task will be setting it up for lots of Tenons on the cradle that I am making. I have about 48 for the railings alone.. In the practice runs, it became clear that I need a good jig to cut them with a minimum of tearout.


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    I like it..

    Mine isn't near that fancy. Mine is just a flat surface I clamp in my workmate. But it serves pretty well.

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