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Thread: Free Podcasts for anyone!

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    Free Podcasts for anyone!

    I recently started to work part time at the Woodsmith Store here in Des Moines, IA. The people there are great and have tons of woodworking knowledge. Another part timer there is also an editor for Woodsmith Mag and ShopNotes and he showed me the free online podcast on their blog.

    There are 32 of them so far and I think they are better than the new tv show The Woodsmith Show. Best part is they are free and you can download them and burn them to cd or dvd if you want. Check it out here....

    BTW if my affiliation with the Woodsmith Store and August Home Publishing merits this against the CoC I apologize beforehand. Jeff
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    Thanks for the heads-up, Jeff. Looks like a handy reference. Congrats on the new job at the candy store, too. Regarding your affiliation with the store, that's no problem, but the CoC asks that you mention it in your user profile and add a little something to your signature. Here's the quote:

    If you work for a company or an industry that provides products or services for woodworking, you must state that in your user profile, and you must put a note or signature line on your posts so other people know your affiliation.
    The rule was put in place to try to keep the corporate shills at bay...the guys whose posts always end up mentioning the product(s) they represent. I seriously doubt anybody here would be accusing you of posting with the sole intent of promoting your employer.
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    Those podcasts are great!!!!!!!

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    Thanks for the link, I'm watching them right now.
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