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Thread: If your using the Worksharp 3000

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    If your using the Worksharp 3000

    But not using their proprietary abrasives what are you using & how are you sticking it to the glass plate?

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    3M 77 Adhesive...

    Spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes then come back and apply your sandpaper. I use it all the time at work to stick sandpaper to whatever I need to sand the places I need to get to. Aluminum rod, aluminum plate, etc...The stuff will stick sand paper to anything...even glass.

    If you have a hard time removing the old sand paper, 3M Citrus Adhesive Remover is great too. I have both cans will reach of me at all times at work.
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    I purchased some 6" self-adhesive sand paper from HD and the only thing I had to do was punch a hole in the middle so the glass platen could be attached. main reason I tried this was I needed some paper with larger grit than was in stock for the Worksharp at Woodcraft. Worked fine. Less expensive, too.
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    WS 3000 leather strop


    I made a disc from 1/2" mdf. Then I sprayed on some adhesive. And then I applied a leather disc. And then I applied some oil. And then I applied some zinc oxide. Vola! a leather strop.

    The mdf is plenty true for the (approx. 3/32" thick) leather.

    I also applied a coarser grit abrasive disc to the 1/2" mdf for the same reason; could not find source for 6" disk abrasive in the range I wanted.

    I am using more abrasive than I should because people keep coming to get their tools sharpened. It is sort of like having a swimming pool...the people keep a comin'. Maybe I should purchase disks wholesale and sell time on my WorkSharp.


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