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Thread: Hand-Carved Computer Case

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    Hand-Carved Computer Case

    Doing a Google Image search, I stumbled across this page (on a site that I don't think the CoC would like), and thought I'd share it...

    Here's the text that came with it:

    File this under truly awesome. Valerie Beetle, a gentlemen from the Ukraine, created this amazing hand carved wooden case mod for his PC. I've seen some pretty cool case mods in my day, but this one really takes the cake. Makes me want to throw my clunky looking piece of expensive gray plastic right out the window.
    Pretty amazing work, if you ask me.
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    More pics on gizmowatch:

    CofC compliant, and everything...

    Which still leaves the question: 'what are you doing hanging out on those other sites?' Google search, indeed!



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    Sure hope it is an Apple, because if that is a Windoze machine, I'd hate to have to take a sledge hammer to it
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