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Thread: Ok a dumb question

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    Ok a dumb question

    I have a client that is supplying me with materials. I sent him after birch ply for the cabinet boxes. And due to the expanse he looked around and has found a ply that the store is calling blond wood. Last I knew that was a color not a kind. But I can assure you I don't know much.
    Any one here that can shed some light on this I need an education.
    Thanks Chuck
    P.S. I goggled it and came up with nothing.

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    Look at the core wood, If it has black stripes, forget it. I used some of it last year and it stunk, plus it almost ruined my router bits and the stench was incredible, really hard to work with and a real Pain in the "Neck"

    It was called "Blond" wood and had a grain structure similar to Luan but light colored. the core woods were alternating dark brown and lighter woods. The smelled to high heavens and my wife camer down to the shop and said "What is that?" A real stinker it was. took my breath away. I was weary of using it in the future. In my book, pay the extra few dollars and get the Birch Ply or Maple Ply or something else.
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    Maybe try Googling 'Blonde Wood' with an 'E'?
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    Chuck -- Lowes sells this stuff, IMHO it's inferior quality to real birch plywood. But it depends on what you plan to do with it. Google BLONDEWOOD HARDWOOD PLYWOOD (all three words) and you will get several postings on different boards (aka forums) about the stuff.

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    It's on Google, just have to dig deeply. Here's a page with photos some of you guys should be familiar with.
    Page down to blonde wood photo.

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